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Mind-Body Approach

I combine psychotherapeutic relational process work and Pulsing which is a body-mind gentle rhythmic therapy, encouraging emotional release as part the process to release trapped feelings in the body linked to past attachment and trust issues, trauma, social emotional difficulties, tension and depression. With relaxation body awareness comes a connection to memories/emotions/sensations which are gently explored with curiosity, a non-judgmental attitude and compassion within a confidential safe space.   Dialogue and the art forms can also be used to explore issues that arise. The essence of my approach involves being with the client in an intuitive and professional way and being part of the client’s healing journey.  Pulsing takes place sitting or lying down.


Possible benefits

This kind of therapy is suitable for:

Adults of all ages and ranges of mobility seeking personal growth and transformation

Young people and children (learning to trust relax and let go)

People with depression, anxiety and stress (calming and stimulating)

People who suffered developmental trauma, body image and loss of identity, bereavement and existential issues.

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